Monday, September 19, 2011

Would Anybody Miss Her?

Would anybody miss her, if she just disappeared? If she just walked away tomorrow, would anyone notice?

It would probably take people awhile, then they would say "What happened to her? Haven't seen her posts for awhile....perhaps she is just busy." Then, she would be brushed away, like an after thought.

Some weeks later, maybe some of you would visit her page. "Hmmm, look at that. She hasn't posted anything for a couple of weeks. She must be really busy! Wonder what has been taking up most of her time?" Still, no one leaves a message.....not a "Hey! Are you OK?" "Just thinking about you!"

Some more time would go by, then maybe people would notice their friends list is missing someone...their 198 friends has decreased to 197.

"Who's missing?" they'd wonder....scrolling down their lists, not really seeing who or what was in front of them. "I don't see anybody missing....looks like everyone is here." Face it, you can't keep track of the friends on your lists unless you keep a spreadsheet of them on Excel, and even then, it is touch and go.

After a month, she is forgotten. No one pays attention. No one paid attention before, why should now be any different.

Would anybody miss her if she just disappeared? She already knows the answer.

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